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John Amaratunga threatens journalists

Furious over the questions asked by some journalists regarding garbage disposal at Bopitiya in Wattala, Minister John Amaratunga is is reported to have threatened them with death while leaving the party office in Kandana today.

According to some journalists who had videoed the entire episode, the minister had turned furious asked the journalists to leave the vicinity when they told the minister that the people were blaming him for the garbage crisis at Bopitya.

“I am the person who shifted it here from there. Do not report false news. Otherwise, I will beat you all to death,” he told the journalists.

Despite the journalists attempting to explain the matter to the Minister, he repeatedly accused them of reporting false news and forced them to leave.

“Get lost," he said using unprintable words."Just see the questions they are asking. If you do not know the facts it is better not to ask. We are the ones who have stopped it,” he said.

When the journalists said they were only conveying what the people were saying, the minister said these journalists need not teach him about people’s views.

“You don’t try to teach me. I know it. Do not come through this gate hereafter. Please... It is enough now. Leave... you just leave!” he threatened.

The minister who was approaching the journalists in a threatening manner was calmed down by those near him.

“Do not make me a bad person by publishing false news,” the angry minister said.