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Joseph raps UNP Youth Front at Gampaha

A tense situation erupted at the Gampaha United National Party (UNP) Youth Front meeting on Saturday, after Ja-Ela UNP organiser Joseph Michael Perera was refused an opportunity to address the meeting, it was reported.

Mr. Perera had attended a function at Weligampitiya, Ja-Ela following an invitation by UNP Youth Front President Kavinda Jayawardene, to initiate the UNP Youth Front Action Committee.

It was reported MP Ravi Karunanayake participated at the event as the Chief Guest for the event and the invitee speech had been done by him.

Later, during the vote of thanks Mr. Perera, who stood up from his seat questioned the organisers that he was not given an opportunity to address the meeting therefore requested a speech but was refused.

“I was invited. Won’t I be given a speech? I’m the national Coordinator. Are these youth afraid of me,” he asked.

He also told the MP Karunanayake that it was wrong not to allow him to address as the Party leadership had provided him the national coordinator position.

However, replying to Mr. Perera, Mr. Karunanayake said that he accepted the fault and he took the full responsibility for what had happened.

Mr. Karunanayake also said that the event was organised by him.
“That is also wrong,” Mr. Perera respond.

However, later Mr. Perera had given the opportunity to address the gathering but the microphones not function at the time.

Again Mr. Perera continued to lambast at the organisers from the podium for their shortcomings pointing the finger that such shortcomings tarnished the image of the UNP.

Suddenly, MP Karunanayake left the building with the other members and the crowd, who were present, was also seen following Mr. Karunanayake, without considering Perera at the podium.

The crowed was also seen booing at Mr. Perera.