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SLPA employee goes for Guinness World Record

Janaka Kanchana Mudannayaka, a Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) employee set a Guinness World Record yesterday for carrying 17 bags of flour weighing 50 kgs each within a 30 minute time period.

He achieved his feat by carrying the bags of flour with his mouth for a distance of 30 metres in the presence of a panel of observers.

It was Mudannayaka’s third Guinness World Record.

After completing the Guinness World Record yesterday, Mudannayaka said that his aim is to bring fame to Sri Lanka by setting 18 Guinness World Records, surpassing that of his late father, who also set seven Guinness World Records.

Mudannayaka attempted the Guinness World Record in the presence of the panel of observers and a large gathering of well-wishers including Social Empowerment Welfare Minister S.B. Dissanayake.

However, Mudannayaka who attempted to carry two more bags of flour close to the 30 metre distance failed to go beyond the finish line.

As he was unable to pass the line these two attempts were not considered for the world record.

Addressing media, Mudannayaka further said the video clips and other certified documents of the observers will be submitted to the Guinness World Record Committee for their approval.

Mudannayaka who is attached to the Jaya Container Terminal (JCT) Prime-mover Maintenance Department of the SLPA plans to set another two more world records at the grand finale of “Youths With Talents” programme, jointly organised by the Sri Lanka Youth Council and Independent Television Network (ITN) scheduled to be held in March next year.

Minister Dissanayake said that youths of Mudannayaka’s calibre should be motivated and encouraged to bring fame to the country.

He praised Mudannayaka for bringing honour and glory to the country. On an earlier occasion, an attempt by Mudannayaka to set a Guinness World Record by allowing 10 double cabs to drive over his stomach failed as he was unprepared when the third vehicle drove over his stomach.