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Strike today to pressure President, govt. to quit

Over 1,000 trade unions representing various sectors will hold a massive islandwide one-day strike today (28) in support of the on-going wave of protests against the incumbent Government.

Health, bank, power, petroleum, education, and other unions that participate in the one-day strike will not disrupt essential services or patient care, according to the Trade Union Coordination Centre (TUCC). The strike will be joined by unions representing the ports and railways as well.

TUCC announced plans to turn the protest into a hartal on 6 May, if the Government does not heed public pressure and resign.

According to TUCC, more than 1,000 trade unions from the public, private, and plantation sectors are expected to participate in the action today.

The goal of the campaign is to put pressure on the Government to resign.

The trade unions will commence the rally in front of the Fort Railway Station today evening, calling for the ‘Corrupt Government to Go Home,’ among other demands.

According to reports, corresponding protest campaigns will take place in major cities in solidarity with the main TU action in Colombo.

Last week, TUCC held a protest at Lipton Circus and marched to join protesters encamped at the ‘GotaGoGama’ at Galle Face.