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JVP challenges Yoshitha to go to court

The JVP says that they are ready to face any defamation case by Yoshitha Rajapaksa if the latter moves court challenging the party’s latest revelations on his alleged deals and excesses.

Former JVP MP and Kalutara District MP, Dr Nalinda Jayatissa said on Friday that it was open to Yoshitha to go before the courts as the latter has recently challenged JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s expose of a number of corruption files with evidence to prove corrupt deals of abuse of power by many including Yoshitha.
“There can be two types of legal action that can be pursued following such exposures according to our lawyers. One is for the government to file a case against Yoshitha to recover misappropriated funds. The other is for him to sue us for alleged defamation. In a defamation case, we will have the opportunity of cross-examining him,” Jayatissa said.

He said that his party hoped that Yoshitha would be able to enlighten the court and the nation on matters including methods used to enroll in the Navy’s Executive Branch in 2006 without required educational qualifications.

“An applicant for that position was required to have a minimum six passes at a single sitting of the GCE Ordinary Level Examination plus at least two passes at GCE Advanced Level Examination. Yoshitha has sat twice for the OL exam and it is not certain that taken together the results of both attempts would have given him six passes.

“Then Yoshitha would also get the opportunity to tell us and the court how he secured a position in Royal Naval College in Dartmouth – a position usually given to the best in the batch of Navy officers completing their training.

“Thereafter he also secured a position to study in a Ukrainian University so he would explain that too, to the court. Later he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander of the Navy. Yoshitha will be asked to explain how he climbed up the ranks.

“He has been awarded various medals including Long Service Medal, Eastern Humanitarian Operations Medal, East Operations Medal, Purna Bhoomi Padakkama and Fast Attack Craft Squadron Pin.

“He would be able to explain how he was entitled to them and most of all he will be asked to explain to the court how he got out of the Navy. We have some more questions. I think Yoshitha would be able to respond to the satisfaction of the court,” Dr Jayatissa said.