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Over 100 hospitalized amidst tensions at Galle Face

At least 141 people have been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital following the violent situation that erupted near Temple Trees and spread out to the Galle Face Green protest site and other parts of the country.

An unruly group of SLPP supporters today (May 09) attacked the GotaGoGama anti-government protest site set up at the Galle Face Green.

They caused havoc, assaulting the peaceful protesters at the site while destroying their tents and other properties in the area.

The SLPP supporters had staged a demonstration near the Temple Trees this morning urging Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa not to resign from his position.

Following an audience with the prime minister, they also assaulted the anti-government protesters engaged in a peaceful protest near Temple Trees.

However, PM Rajapaksa announced his resignation hours after the eruption of the tensions.