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SLPP still has majority – Dinesh

Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said even though a few pieces went missing, the SLPP is still winning the game as the all-important pieces, the king, queen, rook and bishop are still on their side.

He was addressing the SLPP May Day rally held in Nugegoda yesterday.

Leader of the House, Gunawardena also said, just like victory in the game of chess, the ultimate victory in Parliament too will be secured by the SLPP as they have the majority.

“We have the biggest hold in the progressive camp. Likewise, SLPP and the Government have tremendous power in Parliament as well. We formed a Government not to go home. The Government has a lot of work to do. We are planning to reform the system of governance. We are moving towards economic reforms. There is no question about that. The President, the Prime Minister and the people’s representatives are committed to that. When Yahapalana leaders were sent home, Rs 12,000 billion had been borrowed directly. We have to pay that.

I am the Minister in charge of public officers so I do not say anything to officials. But, do not obstruct anyone when working. I say this to Sajith’s puppets,” he said.