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Bandaragama businessman disappears in Trincomalee

Police have launched an investigation into the disappearance of a businessman, who had gone to Trincomalee to participate in the auction of gold jewellery, held at Bank of Ceylon branch on 4 September.

Mohammad Nasrin, aged 35, had arrived in Trincomalee with several other businessmen.

Nasrin is a resident of Bandaragama. He is said to frequent gold jewellery auctions across the country. He had taken lodging at a hotel in Kantale and was carrying close to Rs 10 million, according to a complaint lodged by his companions.

Those who had arrived with Nasrin state that they all arrived at the auction together and Nasrin had left the building between 2.15 and 2.45 p.m. to buy a bottle of water. He had not returned to the auction after that. His companions, worried by his absence, had lodged a complaint with Trincomalee Police.

Trincomalee Police have questioned those who arrived with Nasrin and are looking at other clues, a spokesman for the Police said.
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