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Man gives up guarding durian due to wife’s frolics

With the Durian season now on, residents in the Kuruwita area who are in for a windfall now make it a point to guard their Durian trees at night to protect their impending fruit harvest from robbers.

But a resident in Kuruwita who put a watch hut near his tree, had to give up his night vigil and guard his house due to the sexual frolics of his wife who had developed an intimacy with another man in the neighbourhood whom she invited to the house at night during the absence of her husband.

The woman’s brother-in-law who had observed the ins and outs of the paramour in the absence of the husband had alerted the husband about the latest development.

One night, the husband who thought of catching the night intruder red handed, had returned home from the watch hut accompanied by his brother.

They had seen the intruder fleeing from the backdoor sensing their arrival.

The husband had berated the wife and started assaulting her, but the brother-n-law had quickly intervened and settled the matter creating reconciliation between the two.
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