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Rare baby born with 2 heads dies

A baby recently born with two heads in Mexico has died, KINT reported Monday. news reported earlier Monday that relatives of the baby, from the state of Chihuahua, shared a video of the newborn crying.

According to KINT, Dr. Lorenzo Soberanes, of the Ciudad Juarez’s Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, where the baby was reportedly born, was not sure about the cause of the defect.

“The situation is a genetic problem that could be hereditary or because of some kind of medical treatment that was given to the mother during the first trimester of the pregnancy,” said Dr. Lorenzo Soberanes, with the Juarez medical committee, according to KINT.

Although the sex of the baby appeared to be a boy, the hospital declined to confirm that detail or whether the baby was actually a pair of conjoined twins, according to Central European News (CEN). The hospital also did not disclose the mother’s name, or whether the mother was aware of the defect prior to giving birth.

Soberanes and his team were surprised by the birth, news reported.

“Unfortunately, there is nothing on local medical books, as far as I’m concerned, of a birth like it,” Soberanes told KINT. “This appears to be the first case and now it needs to be analyzed and studied. Where did the mother and father work? What do their genetics look like?”
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