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Basil Rajapaksa's Misuse of state resources

The PRECIFAC investigating former Minister Basil Rajapaksa's alleged financial misdeeds, have commenced a detailed investigation into them and will summon Rajapaksa to record evidence.

The Presidential Commission Investigating Large Scale Fraud Corruption, Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges (PRECIFAC) which has uncovered details about the alleged misdeeds committed by Rajapaksa including misuse of state resources by using unlimited powers has now commenced a detailed investigation into them.

The Commission is reported to be making arrangements to summon Rajapaksa and record evidence from him in this regard. The government is reported to have incurred heavy financial losses due to these arbitrary activities committed by the former minister.

A sum of Rs. 150 million due to the Sri Lanka Air Force for internal flights made by the minister had been settled through Divi Neguma funds, it is reported. The Divi Neguma Movement was aimed to empower low income families. But funds meant for their welfare had been misused for internal air travel.

Among other alleged irregularities and misuse of powers investigated are deployment of 179 Armed Forces and Police personnel for private security detail, deploying Navy personnel for household cooking and cleaning, utilising 14 vehicles, including bullet proof ones for personal use. Four of these vehicles had been requisitioned from the Presidential Secretariat, deploying three women from the Navy for the security of Minister Rajapaksa's wife and deploying Navy personnel to assist the minister in his physical exercises including body massage.

Investigation officers attached to the Commission have already recorded evidence from officers attached to the Economic Affairs Ministry, Presidential Secretariat, Armed Forces and Police in this connection.