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Youth run over by Champika's jeep is serious

Two youths riding a motorbike run over by the jeep Minister Champika Ranawaka had driven have been admitted to Intensive Care Unit of Colombo National Hospital say reports.

Blood has seeped into the brain of one of the youths and the other has a fractured hand say reports.

The accident had occurred opposite Janadhipathy Vidyalaya at Rajagiriya on Sunday (28th) at about 10.00 p.m. and the Minister had tried to flee the place without attending to the injured. However, residents had pursued the jeep and blocked its way. The Minister had accepted the mistake.

The relatives of the youths have lodged a complaint at Rajagiriya Police and the Police have told them yesterday (1st) that the driver who caused the accident surrendered to police and was bailed out. The Police have also said that Minister Champika Ranawaka was not the driver of the vehicle.

The relatives of the youths say the Minister is attempting to hush up the incident and the Police is attempting to put the blame of the accident on the injured youths. It is also revealed that another driver, instead of the Minister, had been presented to police and had been bailed out.

In a grave accident as the one that occurred the drive cannot be bailed out without the report from the JMO as the victims have been hospitalized and are in a serious condition. How could this be ├Żahapalanaya' if politicians still can do things violating the law of the country ask relatives of the youths.

It is also revealed that the jeep is registered under the Secretary to the Ministry of Petroleum Industries at 80,Sir Ernest de Silva Mawatha Colombo 7. The ministry  was established on 30th April, 2010 and it is now called the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development of which the Minister is Mr. Chandima Weerakkody and Deputy Minister is Ms. Anoma Gamage. The Secretary to the Ministry is Ms. W. Suddharma Karunaratna. Minister Champika Ranawaka still drives a jeep belonging to this Ministry!