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Bone marrow transplant to be performed in Sri Lanka

Bone marrow transplant
A bone marrow transplant will be performed in Sri Lanka for the first time in December at Maharagama Cancer Hospital, Health Ministry sources said.

According to sources, the bone marrow transplant will be performed with the assistance of an Australian doctor (Professor) attached to St.Vincent Hospital, Australia. Such surgeries are presently performed in countries such as India and Singapore.

A single bone marrow transplant costs around Rs.30 to Rs.40 million and there are over 100 cancer patients on the waiting list to undergo this surgery in Sri Lanka.

"Four Sri Lankan cancer specialists have been trained at St.Vincent Hospital, Australia to carry our bone marrow transplants at the Maharagama Cancer hospital,"sources said. "First Autologous bone marrow transplant will be done and donor's bone marrow transplantation (Allogeneic) will also be commenced thereafter," sources added.