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Wijeweera's House cannot be given to family

late JVP leader Rohana Wijeweera
Since the House in Ulapane where late JVP leader Rohana Wijeweera had been hiding as a recluse and the adjoining land had been confiscated by the state, the house and property cannot be handed back to members of his family, the Ganga Ihale Korale Divisional Secretary Mangala Wickremarachchi had informed Mrs Wijeweera and family in a special notification. 

He said since Mrs Wijeweera would be leaving the house in a Navy Camp where she had been residing under security service after the demise of her late husband Rohana Wijeweera she had requested that the Ulapane house be handed over to her and her children for residence. Mrs Wijeweera had made this request through the Ministry of Defence.

The Divisional Secretary said the problem and difficulty in handing back this house had been explained by the land commissioner on an inquiry made by him.

The land commissioned had stated that the house and property had been confiscated by the state according to an order issued by the then President in terms of the Public Security Act No 41 section 5 through Gazette notification no 110/02 dated 15.05.1990. Thereafter the property had been transferred to the NYSC to maintain a training centre.