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Child Helps Woman steal jewellery

Woman steal jewellery
A jewellery shop owner of Akurana has complained to Alawathugoda police that CCTV cameras in his shop have recorded a five year-old child handing over to a woman a box containing jewellery before leaving the shop.

The box contained jewellery worth Rs. 416,000, he has told police.

Two women with two children aged two years and five years entered his shop and examined jewellery and went away saying they had not enough money to buy the jewellery at that moment.

However, later when the CCTV camera recordings were examined the jeweller found that the child aged about five years handing over a box to one of the women who had come with him.

The box contained ten bracelets valued at Rs. 416,000, the jeweller Sahabdeen Niyas has told police on Wednesday (26).

Alawathugoda police have launched an operation to identify the culprits.