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Sinhala Jury for Raviraj case

 Nadaraja Raviraj
Colombo High Court Judge Manilal Waidyathilaka yesterday decided to hear the case related to the slaying of former MP Nadaraja Raviraj and his security officer before a specially constituted Sinhala Jury on a daily basis commencing 21 November.

The accused in the case had previously requested the High Court to hear the case before a special Sinhala speaking Jury.

However, the Counsel appearing for the interests of the deceased MP Raviraj opposed that move.
Despite the objections raised by the Counsel for the deceased MP, High Court Judge Waidyathilaka, decided to hear the case before a specially constituted Sinhala speaking Jury.

The Judge also issued notices on all witnesses to be present in Court on that date.
The Attorney General has indicted six suspects in the High Court over the assassination of the former MP and his security guard and the case will be heard sans three suspects who have avoided the Court thus far.