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Bitter gourd seeds cure cancer

A research conducted by the Peradeniya University has revealed the potentiality of bitter-gourd seeds in destroying cancer cells.

Prof. Jayantha Rajapaksa of the Veterinary Faculty engaged in the research said during his one-year research it was possible to discover the Alpha Steric Fatty Acid (ASFA) contained in bitter-gourd seeds which was capable of suppressing cancer cells.

There is a general belief among people that bitter gourd has medicinal value for diabetes but they do not take its seed as food which is a medicine in whole also capable of the lowering sugar levels he assessed.

One kg of pesticide-free bitter gourd seeds costs about Rs.8,000 and eight seeds are necessary to produce one capsule of bitter gourd medicine he said. He also said this medication has no side effects and it is now being administered to patients at the Kandy General Hospital Cancer Unit and had proved success.

This innovative medicine will soon be presented to the Medical Faculty of the Peradeniya University, he added