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Police probe threat to Ranjan’s life

Divulapitiya Police have commenced an investigation into a complaint, lodged by Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Ranjan Ramanayake, alleging that SLFP MP Indika Anuruddha had threatened to kill him.

Police have also informed the Court about the complaint and are taking statements from those named by Ramanayake. A statement has already been obtained from Western Provincial Councillor Chandana Jayakody. Police will also question MP Edward Gunasekara, Divulapitiya District Secretary H.M.L.S. Herath and a few others.

Police said that there is evidence of threats being made. There were heated arguments and fisticuffs during a meeting at the Divulapitiya DS office on Tuesday (28), during a meeting over the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the area. In February Ramanayake intervened to prevent the illegal excavation of soil in Divulapitiya.