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Police probe into white van abduction

Police have commenced a multipronged investigation into Sunday’s abduction of a businessman in a white van at Ipalogama in Kekirawa.

A special police team was scrutinizing the details of records of the victim’s mobile phone while fingerprint specialists and others were probing the incident from other angles, police said.

The businessman, Ajantha Biyagama (38), was abducted in a white van by a group of armed persons, who arrived at his home on Sunday morning. His wife said the abductors had come in a cab and a van around 7.00 am and talked to her husband. The abductors had told them that they were from Bandarawela police station, she said.

After a discussion which lasted for nearly 30 minutes, they took the husband away with them saying that he would be taken to the Bandarawela police station to record a statement. Two persons who arrived with the group had removed the memory chips of the CCTV cameras installed at the home, the wife told police.

She said she had been to the Bandarawela police to inquire of her husband only to be told that no such person had been arrested.

Ipalogama Police said that the person alleged to have been abducted was working as a recovery division member of a finance company and seizing the vehicles in the possession of defaulters. There were three cases pending against him at the Kekirawa Magistrate Court, police said.