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Woman Cuts off constable’s Penis

A story of an angry paramour cutting off part of her constable lover’s penis is reported from Hingurakgoda.

The injured policeman has been admitted to hospital. Doctors said they had managed to reattach the penis surgically.

The victim had had an affair with the suspect woman who is married with two children, police said.

The policeman visited the woman while her husband was away and there were occasions when he spent nights there, according to investigators.

The woman has, in her statement to police, revealed that the victim had forced her to perform unnatural sexual acts on many occasions in spite of her protests. Unable to bear it anymore she had decided to confront her paramour at last.

On that fateful day, too, the policeman had tried to force her to gratify his bestial desires, the woman told police. She said she had been left with no alternative but to stop the sex maniac as the situation had got out of hand.

Hingurakgoda police are conducting further investigations.