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Over 1597 suicides reported this year

So far this year 1597 persons had committed suicide over failed romances, family disputes, educational failures and other illnesses, according to police statistics.

Among those who had committed suicide are 1275 males and 322 females.

Further the statistics revealed the highest suicide rate was among the 26-30 year age group.

The number of suicides reported in the above age group were 159, while the second highest age group were those over 71, which amounted to 150, said the Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara.

The number of suicides reported last year (2016) were 3025 and of them 2339 were males and 686 were females.

Those who committed suicide based of love affairs were:

120 females and 152 males in 2016; 85 females and 144 males in 2015; 89 Females and 182 males in 2014.