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Tamil Nadu CM announces major relief aid for "All Sri Lankans"

Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly on Friday (29) unanimously adopted a separate resolution seeking permission from the Central Government of India to provide assistance to Sri Lankans amid the ongoing economic crisis in the country.

The resolution was moved by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin after the prevailing national crisis in Sri Lanka was taken up for discussion at the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin briefed the assembly on the various difficulties faced by the people of Sri Lanka due to the crisis, stating that there was a severe shortage of essential medicines, fuel, and fertilizer.

Revealing that he had initially announced aid for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, Stalin said several Tamil political leaders and civil organizations had instead requested him to provide the aid for all of Sri Lanka and not just one community.

They informed me not to consider the people of Sri Lanka through division, as all citizens were severely suffering due to the current crisis, he said.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said thereby it has been decided by his government to provide 40,000 tonnes of rice for Indian Rs 80 crore, 137 live-saving drugs for Indian Rs 28 crore, and 500 kg milk powder for Indian Rs 15 crore to the people of Sri Lanka.

“However, Tamil Nadu cannot separately provide all these assistance. Tamil Nadu should first get permission from the Centre and distribute it only through the Indian Embassy in Sri Lanka,” he said.

Stalin added, “Therefore, I’ve placed a demand regarding the same to the PM, Union External Affairs Minister of India. Yet there’s no reply from them. Hence, we have decided to pass the resolution.”