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Harsha ready to take on the role of COPF Chairman

SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva said yesterday (16), that he is ready to take on the role of Chairman of Committee on Public Finance (COPF), stating that his joining the Cabinet as an ‘independent MP’ will only worsen the political crisis.

This is given the deadlock in creating an all-party government to resolve current economic crisis in the country, as well as to give leadership to prepare All Party Economic Revival Plan as a Parliamentary proposal that is .approved by the majority, he said.

In a tweet, Dr. de Silva said, “Even though it is unknown to many, COPF is the most powerful committee in Parliament, with wide powers to discharge the Constitutional provision that gives full control of public finance. I feel I can play a bigger role here than in a government that lacks legitimacy. I am being criticised by some for not taking up ‘Cabinet’ responsibility. Be realistic that the Sri Lankan economic crisis is a toxic combination of economics and politics. The resolution depends on both and my joining Cabinet as an ‘independent MP’ will only worsen the political crisis.” (MD)